Large MedPride Powder-Free Vinyl Exam Gloves, 100 count

Large MedPride Powder-Free Vinyl Exam Gloves, 100 count

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MedPride vinyl medical exam grade gloves provide all of the features of more expensive name brands at a more economical price to save you money. They are made from 100 percent synthetic vinyl that is entirely latex-free and are crafted with strength and durability for support and comfort. The gloves are smooth, ambidextrous and versatile for various applications. The soft, solid fit and feel with enhanced protection makes these gloves an ideal option for sensitive hands. Gloves are non-sterile, lot controlled, disposable and designed for single use only. Meets ASTM standards. 

  • Ideal for healthcare, first aid, baby care and non-sterile medical uses.
  • Entirely latex-free synthetic vinyl formulation with unique quality in strength and stretch.
  • Smooth and easy to put on and take off quickly.
  • Provides a single use barrier to protect hands foe short-term use.
  • Ideal for hands that are sensitive to latex or donning powder.